The Game Changer in your Practice Accounts

Make one payment to all your 30+ suppliers each month and save hours!

Ok, I maybe sounding like a nerdy accountant, and think this is exciting for accounting, but to be honest it will save you a lot of time and money, if you commit and get your affairs streamlined onto Xero.

For the last 12 months, we have been testing using Xero WITH Wise (formerly known as Transferwise), in order to make payments to suppliers.

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Now, I only need to make one payment per month to all our 30+ suppliers, this takes a few minutes, rather than having to make individual payments to each supplier which can take hours.

The key is to be using Hubdoc for scanning all your invoices, then this is processed by our book-keeping team into Xero, with all accounts reconciled and then payments are made via WISE who manage the whole payment process.

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And yes, I just make one payment each month to all our 30+ suppliers.

This saves me many hours each month, streamlines the whole process and allows us to focus our efforts on aspects of the business that require greater focus and time.

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Further Information

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