Juliette Davis

Juliette has a wealth of experience as a PA in the medical sector, working with Dentists, Doctors, Consultants and Sales Managers for over 20 years. Having worked for some of the top surgeons in the UK when she worked for Southend Hospital’s Breast Cancer Unit. She has brought the knowledge she learned from working for the NHS to our team, having worked on the sales side of the medical business for so long, Juliette knows this industry inside and out, which has been a great asset to Samera, she knows how Dentists and Doctors tick.

As well as working within the medical sector, Juliette also worked for a leading medical supply company in Surrey for over 7 years, gaining a portfolio of product knowledge from medical loupes, couches, endoscopy products to cancer scanning equipment. If you need help with anything related to our company, Juliette is the go-to girl, always ready to help with any of your queries or concerns you have had, she can put you in touch with one of our team, to ensure you will receive the correct advice needed. Her interests outside of work are health, fitness, wellbeing and anything activity based, having completed her first duathlon this year, with her second on the way she is a very active individual within our team, always trying to get everyone involved in an activity during the working week.