Arun Mehra

With almost twenty years of commercial experience and knowledge in Dentistry, Arun’s expertise is valued by hundreds of businesses across the UK. His financial acumen and know-how, along with his hands-on commercial expertise have helped clients, large and small, new and established to achieve great things.

His energy and passion for helping clients is infectious and leading his team to do their best is at the top of his list of business priorities. He has a vast network of experienced contacts he can draw on to help clients when needed.

Arun is the founder of the Samera Group, starting the business with just one client sitting at his father’s dining table. Fifteen years on, Team Samera now service hundreds of Dental clients, run exciting events, help clients raise finance, and are very active in helping clients buy or sell Dental practices.

Outside of his business interests, he is an active member of his local community, a Scout leader and regular fundraiser for many charitable organisations and a trustee of the Dental Emergency charity, Bridge2Aid. Arun enjoys cycling, endurance sports, adventure travel and reads a lot. Arun is also a keen gardener and very proud of his new vegetable patch.

His ambition is to visit every country in his lifetime, he still has quite a few to go but has planned these for when (or if) he retires!

Smita Mehra

Smita, alongside Arun, is the co-founder and clinical director at Samera. She is also the principal dentist at The Neem Tree Dental Group. Smita regularly hosts online and live events designed to teach other dentists how to be better businesspeople.

Nigel Crossman

Nigel Crossman joined the Samera Group in May 2016 from the Royal Bank of Scotland, where he was the Head of Healthcare for the London and South East region.

He has extensive banking experience having spent thirty-eight years working for two major high street banks during which time he built up a huge network of contacts. These contacts now span the financial network providing access to all of these financial institutions for Samera clients having been placed on their broker panels.

Samera Finance Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.

This vast amount of experience has placed him in an ideal position to not only obtain excellent financial deals for clients using his knowledge but also enables him to provide help and ideas when looking at prospective purchases. With Samera Practice Sales and an accountants team also in the group, this provides us with a unique position of being able to source and finance practices as well as looking after them once the purchase has been completed.

Since joining Samera he has completed many deals ranging from small tax loans to million pound practice purchases. If you are looking for finance call Nigel as early as you can to gain his help and utilise his knowledge to achieve your goals. If you would prefer to have a conversation in the evening once you have finished work this can be arranged.

Dan Fearon

I joined the Samera Group in May 2019 from the Royal Bank of Scotland where I was a Senior Relationship Manager for the London and Essex Region.

I have extensive banking experience having spent over twenty years working for RBS, in my last 10 years I worked exclusively in the healthcare department dealing with Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacists so I have a huge amount of knowledge within the healthcare sector.

Juliette Davis

Juliette has a wealth of experience as a PA in the medical sector, working with Dentists, Doctors, Consultants and Sales Managers for over 20 years. Having worked for some of the top surgeons in the UK when she worked for Southend Hospital’s Breast Cancer Unit. She has brought the knowledge she learned from working for the NHS to our team, having worked on the sales side of the medical business for so long, Juliette knows this industry inside and out, which has been a great asset to Samera, she knows how Dentists and Doctors tick.

As well as working within the medical sector, Juliette also worked for a leading medical supply company in Surrey for over 7 years, gaining a portfolio of product knowledge from medical loupes, couches, endoscopy products to cancer scanning equipment. If you need help with anything related to our company, Juliette is the go-to girl, always ready to help with any of your queries or concerns you have had, she can put you in touch with one of our team, to ensure you will receive the correct advice needed. Her interests outside of work are health, fitness, wellbeing and anything activity based, having completed her first duathlon this year, with her second on the way she is a very active individual within our team, always trying to get everyone involved in an activity during the working week.

Edel Holmes

Edel jointed Samera in December 2014 and deals with all aspects of our internal accounts.

Simon Ribbans

I have 40 years’ experience in Commercial Finance. I have worked for the major High Street Banks and helped set up a Challenger Bank from scratch.

I also have a passion for Property and have been involved in Property for the last 20 years. I run my own Property Development Company and have completed over 40 Refurbishments and Conversions. I have also built 12 New Build Properties.

I know how to fund Projects and also build them.

I am looking forward to combining my experiences and expertise to help new and existing Clients including those of SAMERA achieve their ambitions by helping to secure the necessary funding.

Please give me a ring to discuss any areas of Property Financing or Commercial Finance.

Gagan Singh

Gagan Singh is a highly experienced expert with more than two decades of dedicated service in the private equity, hedge fund and Healthcare industries. His expertise lies in intricate tax planning and the establishment of efficient outsourcing structures. In his personal life, Gagan is a devoted family man, happily married with two wonderful children. Outside of work, he relishes the pleasures of fine dining, exploring new destinations through travel, and finding peace through the practice of meditation.

Praju Lawrence

Praju is a graduate of the University of Surrey in MSc International Business Management. He’s lived across the world from India to Singapore and now the United Kingdom. He worked at Moss Bros, Guildford for over a year as key holder and Team leader. I’m honoured to be a part of the team at Samera.

Julie Baker

I left school at the age of 16 to join The Royal Bank of Scotland where I enjoyed 30 years of working for them. At the time of leaving I was a Relationship Director looking after larger Charities and Independent Schools. I then joined Santander which is where I picked up my knowledge and love of the dental and healthcare sector. Santander had a good spread of clients with smaller lending requirements (sub £200k) but nothing in the larger deal space. So, I made contact with a number of specialist brokers and the deals started to come through as we had a good offering for the sector. However, to provide a service to clients that would set me apart from other banks I had to really get to know the sector so that I could speak my clients language when it came to acronyms such as GDC etc. Therefore, I made sure I attended as many networking events as I could, I got to know many specialist lawyers, accountants, valuers etc as its important to build relationships for when you are working on deals together.

I was then given the opportunity of doing something completely different with Metro Bank which meant that I could work locally but after 4 years I decided it wasn’t the role for me.

Now being part of the Samera team I can once again do a job that I love doing most, and that’s helping clients get the finance they need to achieve their goals, and the best thing is I am not tied to one bank this time. I can find the best deal for you and your circumstances as its not all about the lowest rate all of the time.

Alex Delmont

Alex joined our website development team in 2019.

Chris O’Shea

Chris joined us in 2018 to help run our digital marketing.


Teddie is our resident loving puppy at Samera. Teddie is a Cavapoo ( A cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle).

When she is not running across the Surrey Hills, she is often visiting our offices where you may be lucky to meet her and play with her. The whole team love her!

Please note, if you do meet her, she loves cuddles, chicken treats and anything she can get her teeth into!

You can follow Teddie’s antics on her Instagram page!


Darcy joined our mascot team in 2019.