Tax and Education Loans


Tax loans can be obtained to repay tax liabilities where profits have increased or the money set aside has had to be used for something else.

Tax loans are payable over one year and rates vary between 8% and 12% – the short-term nature of these loans reflect the higher interest rates to provide a return for the lender. Samera Finance makes no charge to you for this sourcing of tax loans.

Brilliant Team – Both my wife and I were new to the Dental Market, the support we received from Nigel was simply amazing. He understand your needs based on a consultative approach, craft a solution in accordance to the needs which is quite rare to see. I have no hesitation in recommending Nigel and Samera as a go to place.


Education loans can also be obtained to cover the cost of courses and professional education. Many clients fund these through credit cards and this is often an expensive way of dealing with these costs.

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Commercial Loans for Healthcare Businesses

We’ve been helping to fund the future of British healthcare businesses for over 20 years and our team are made up of former bankers with decades of experience in the UK’s healthcare lending sector.

You can find out more about working with Samera and the financial services we offer by booking a free consultation with one of the Samera team at a time that suits you (including evenings) or by reading more about our financial services at the links below.

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