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Double your practice
value in 2 years

Welcome to the

Dental Business Accelerator

With our vast combined dental and business experience of the UK Dental sector, we are perfectly placed to help you build the practice you deserve.

The world of UK dentistry is diverging

For some dental practices the last 18 months has proven very challenging, whilst, for others, it has been the best 18 months of their whole working career.


Simply put. Preparation.
Whilst many have flustered and panicked, the true success stories started way before COVID-19 even hit. 
Focusing their efforts on leadership, digital marketing, growth, team motivation, key metrics, operational excellence, cash flow… to name a few of their actions.

The conversation

no-one is willing to have

Amongst all the chaos and financial challenges, there are many dental practices whose profits are rocketing, having their best year.

But you don’t hear about them on the news or social media.

Some of them may be your friends or colleagues, but they are perhaps almost embarrassed to discuss their success – however, their success should come as no surprise because during every downturn this situation always arises.

Recessions and the destruction

of the average dental practice

Now if it wasn’t for the NHS, many dental practices would have been wiped out a long time ago, but many have tried to keep their dental practice alive with the lifeline of an NHS contract, some even making a great success of it!

But as we all know, the NHS pot is only so deep, and at some point, in time some type of reform will occur, which will certainly change the make-up of UK Dentistry. 

In good times, there are 3 types of dental practice:

  1. High performing dental practices.
  2. Struggling dental practices who eventually go out of business.
  3. Dental practices that plod along, “The plodders”, they make enough to pay the mortgage but not much more.

But we all know in tough times, “the plodders” disappear. But where do they go?
They go up or down.
Either they become a high-performing practice;
Or they go down and out of business – and disappear.

You only have

one choice

So, if you are a “plodder” or are a struggling practice, or perhaps an NHS practice wanting to move fully private we believe you only truly have one path to survive, a path that requires you to adopt new ways of business thinking, whilst pursuing entrepreneurial and clinical excellence.

In our view, you’re either moving up or you’re going out. The good news, if you have the drive and will to move up, the Samera Dental Business Accelerator programme will help you drive your dental practice to the top of the pile.

The Good News

from Team Samera

After almost 20 years of advising and running 100% private dental clinics and Dr Smita Mehra BDS MFGDPRCS and Arun Mehra FCA and the Samera team share how to build an invincible, robust pandemic proof practice, whilst also doubling your profits in a space of two years!

We don’t just talk the talk, we actually walk the walk too.

Samera sits in a very privileged position as Dental Business Advisors to hundreds of dentists, so we have 20-years worth of data and experience that helps us know what works but more importantly what doesn’t. 

Coupled with also owning and running our highly successful private practices ourselves, The Neem Tree Dental group (hyperlink), based in London and Surrey, we are in a unique position to share our insight to those willing to rise to the top.


FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS – Special Message from Smita.

A warm welcome to you all. I know what you do every day requires the metal of a hardcore warrior. Juggling business, clinical excellence and team growth with the challenges of family life and expectation is no mean feat. 

There are rewarding days and days of complete misery and guilt at every turn. I completely relate to this and have been juggling, struggling and winning ( in equal measure ) all of these emotions over the last 20 years. 

It’s my personal mission to support and help as many female practice owners/businesswomen through this programme through creating a specific community which I will carve out of the main programme to make it relevant and tailored. 

Let’s join forces, take your practice to the next level and be proud of what we can achieve together. 

Smita Mehra


Smita is an expert in helping Dentists achieve their goals. From start up’s to selling and everything in between, Smita has considerable experience and passion to share with her fellow Dentists.

If you are serious about achieving success in Dentistry, Smita will be the rocket fuel you need to help you achieve your goals.

Arun Mehra


With almost twenty years of commercial experience and knowledge in Dentistry, Arun’s expertise is valued by hundreds of Dentists across the world. 

His energy and passion for helping clients is infectious and leading his team to do their best is at the top of his list of business priorities. Arun has a vast network of experienced contacts he can draw on to help clients when needed.

Throughout the year Arun and Smita will host Samera Strategy Days whereby they will assist AND inspire you to build that disaster-proof practice AND double your business value.

You and your team can attend these days at no extra charge and enjoy the warm welcome from Smita, Arun and the Samera Team.

Planned locations for 2022 include:

  • London
  • Bristol
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Edinburgh
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So, what is the Samera Dental Business Coaching Programme?

This is a coaching programme run by Dr Smita Mehra, an experienced Private Dental Practice Owner, and Arun Mehra FCA a well-known Dental Business expert. 

Arun and Smita, a husband and wife team, will share their expertise to help you achieve your true potential

Our SPECIFIC Goals for YOU

Our 2 specific goals for you are:

  1. Build a disaster proof practice that can weather a storm like COVID 19
  2. Double your EBITDA and Practice Value.

And as an added bonus goal: 

We will help you find the joy in running your own robust and successful practice. 

When does the programme commence?

The programme commences every quarter. 

In January, March, June and September each year.

What happens at the onboarding stage?

Once we have mutually agreed for you to start on the programme, we will review your personal current situation and work out a specific 12-month plan for you and your practice. 

This will involve a 2-3 hour onboarding session with key members of the Samera team, including clinical, compliance, finance and marketing. From this meeting, a mutually agreed plan will be created.

It will be this plan that will be used to ensure accountability from both sides.

How will you learn?

We will host bi-monthly webinars whereby we cover a whole host of dental business topics hosted by either Arun or Smita and their expert team. The list below is just a taste of the topics covered:

  • Clinical Leadership and Motivation
  • Recruitment, Team Management and Culture 
  • Patient and team care
  • Brand building and marketing systems
  • Website and Digital Marketing Growth Strategies
  • Money, cash flow, accounting, tax, reporting automation
  • Technology, Cyber Security and Digital Workflows
  • Squat Practices and Buying a Practice
  • Adding new locations through start up’s and acquisitions
  • Exit planning and going out at the top

You and your team will have access to both the LIVE and RECORDED sessions.

Will there be LIVE, in-person sessions?

Absolutely. We will be hosting Samera Strategy Days across the UK

Throughout the year Arun and Smita will host Samera Strategy Days whereby they will assist AND inspire you to build that disaster-proof practice AND double your business value.

You and your team can attend these days at no extra charge and enjoy the warm welcome from Smita, Arun and the Samera Team.

Planned locations for 2022 include:

Will I get accountability sessions with Arun or Smita?


Each month you will have the unique opportunity to book an on-demand 30-minute call with Smita or Arun to ensure you are being held accountable to the 12-month plan designed at the outset.

In addition, you will be able to discuss any pressing dental business issue. They will listen, evaluate and help you with your issue or problem and provide their experience and guidance to you.

We know, being held accountable is a critical component to achieving one’s goals.

What is your commitment?

To make any significant change requires a commitment from you AND us, therefore you must be willing to commit for a minimum 12-month period to start seeing results.

What else is included?
  • Discounted rates for any of our UK or overseas LIVE events we are hosting
  • 100% Free membership of the Samera Buying Group
  • Quarterly Dental Market Updates from our team plus some specially invited guests.
  • Unlimited email access to Dental Business Accelerator team
  • Private social network to share thoughts, ideas and gain support
How much is it?

£550 (including VAT) per month payable in advance.

Who should join?

You may be starting out, or have been running a practice for years, this dental business coaching programme is designed to build an invincible practice whilst radically transforming your profits, so your dental practice not only survives but rises to the top.

If that’s you, then this is the programme for you.

How do I Apply?

We limit the number of new practices joining each quarter to just 7. Why 7 you may wonder?

To ensure we get to understand each and every client joining us on this important journey. We value your time, commitment and trust and therefore feel it is essential to maintain a high standard of delivery.

To apply, please complete the form below.

Insert Form

Upon receipt, Arun and Smita will review the information provided, and then one of them will arrange an initial no-obligation consultation with you, to see if the programme is a good fit for you and us.

If we are both happy after the initial consultation, we will then welcome you and your practice on board to start in the next quarter.