Residential Mortgage Loans


We are commercial finance brokers but often as part of a commercial deal funds need to be raised from a residential property.

In some cases, clients just want to review their existing residential mortgage costs, which at this time of low-interest rates is a sensible move.

Very quick to get me the finance I had struggled for several years to get. I will definitely be using this service again in the future!


We utilise the services of a residential mortgage broker, we can provide them with the information that they require and once we have established what can be achieved they will deal with you directly.

We have recently introduced several clients who have been seeking higher mortgages to utilise the funds for other projects and for those who want to reduce their current interest costs.

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Commercial Loans for Healthcare Businesses

We’ve been helping to fund the future of British healthcare businesses for over 20 years and our team are made up of former bankers with decades of experience in the UK’s healthcare lending sector.

You can find out more about working with Samera and the financial services we offer by booking a free consultation with one of the Samera team at a time that suits you (including evenings) or by reading more about our financial services at the links below.

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