Financial Health Check-up

Financial Health

Is it time for a check-up of your business’s financial health? 

Your patients need a check-up of their health from time to time to get an overview of how they are doing, what they need to work on and how to solve any issues. 

Businesses are no different. 

It is essential to get an expert to look at the financial health of your business periodically. Just like with your patients, sometimes there will be little financial aches and pains in your business. Sometimes there will even be bigger, hidden problems that are just waiting to get worse. 

You’ll probably not realise it until it’s too late if you don’t have a professional take a look. 

There are 4 ways we can help perform a financial check-up for your business: hide

Financial Health

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Spending Analysis

Our money-saving experts with the Samera Alliance will perform a full spending analysis for your business. We will look at how much you are spending on everything from consumables and PPE to your utilities, rates and IT services. 

We will identify any areas where we think you can optimise your spending. 

Our partners with the Samera Alliance offer exclusive discounts to our members for almost any product or service your business might need. 

We will not only let you know where you are spending too much money, we’ll even find you a cheaper option for your expenses. 

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Accounts and Tax

Are you claiming everything you should be on expenses? Are your accounts structured properly to save you time and money? Are you paying more than you have to on your tax bill? 

During your financial health check-up, our accounts and tax experts will identify any improvements that can be made in your cash flow, accounting procedures and tax structures. 

We can help plan, structure and process your accounts and tax to make sure you are saving money and your business ready to scale. 

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Debt Structures

Our in-house commercial finance brokers, Samera Finance, are experts at restructuring and renegotiating debt to ensure that your cash flow is as healthy as it can be. 

We will look at your current debt repayment terms and identify the best ways to restructure them to get you the best deal and repayment schedule for your business. 

Debt doesn’t have to mean crippling repayments. It certainly does not have to mean your cash flow is hamstrung. 

We will find a better deal, negotiate the terms and help source the best loans to suit your individual case. 

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Cyber Security

One of the most overlooked aspects of a business’s financial health is the security of its data. 

Gone are the days where a good, solid lock on a physical safe could keep your important documents safe. Now, you need a good, solid cyber security strategy. 

Our cyber security experts will analyse your business’s online security and identify any areas in which we think your business, data or patients are vulnerable from cyber attack. 

We will then be able to recommend the best software to protect your data and we can also train your staff, turning them into a human firewall. 

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Financial Health

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Further Information on Accounts & Tax

Our team of specialist accountants and tax experts can help manage, process and structure your business’s finances. From management accounts and payroll & pensions to tax planning and cash flow management, we can take care of the full back-office function of your business.

Book a free, no-obligation consultation with one of the team to find out how we can make your accounts & tax easier, quicker and cheaper.

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