Digital Marketing for Dentists

Digital Marketing

Samera has been helping dentists expand their patient lists and grow their dental businesses for 20 years. Now, we’re launching our brand new Digital Marketing for Dentists package, designed to build your brand awareness, attract new patients and grow your dental practice.

Digital marketing is the key to growing a dental practice in the modern world. With everyone spending so much time on their devices, it’s the perfect way to reach new customers and build a relationship with your existing patients. If you want to get more people through the door and increase your profits, you need to get your digital marketing right.

But how do you know we’ll be any better at it than if you handled it yourself? Well, you’d expect a company that helps dentists grow their dental practices to do fairly well on Google for that search wouldn’t you?

Type ‘Start a dental practice‘ into Google and tell us what the first result is.

Now try ‘Grow a dental practice‘.

Now try ‘Finance a dental practice‘.

Marketing Package

Website Build


Environment Build And Hosting

The first task is to set up the host and domain for the new, centralised website. This entails setting up a new online ‘environment’ in which the new website will be held and hosted.

We will then need to set up all the relevant Google services for the new website. These include (but are not limited to) Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google My Business.


Design And SEO

We will consult with you on the style and structure of the website and use your design guidelines to ensure it closely reflects your practice’s brand and style.

We will also ensure the website is built so as to be optimised for both search engines (SEO) and the user experience (UX). The new website will be built mobile-first and will encompass all existing practices, with room for more practice pages.


Digital Lead Tracking

Once we can track online conversions with Google Tag Manager, we will set up the new website so as to be able to track phone conversions, i.e. we will be able to track how many appointments have been made from patients viewing the website, as well as which page they got the phone number from. We do this by using dynamic phone numbers which we can track.

We will also install online booking functionality to allow patients to book through the website.

Pay Per Click


Google, Instagram And Facebook Ads

Once we have the new Google, Instagram and Facebook accounts and hosting environments created, we can start to work towards PPC campaigns for the new website.

We will consult with you on the services, treatments or keywords on which you wish to focus. We will then begin creating a series of Google, Instagram or Facebook ad combinations. These ads will be tagged so that we can easily track conversions from these ads.


Pay Per Show

PPC services are run on a pay-per-show basis.

This means that you will only pay anything to us for the lead once they have shown up at the practice and actually walked through the door. Instead of paying for each lead, you pay for conversions.

There will be a set-up fee to start these campaigns. After that, the budget will be subject to your decision.

Additional Services


Practice And Team Images

Our team can produce high-quality, professional imagery of your team and practice for use both on social media and throughout the website.


Social Media And Practice Videos

Our video production team can also produce practice walkthrough videos, social media advert videos, team videos and educational videos for use both on social media and throughout the website.

Landing Page

Website Landing Pages

We can create landing pages, in addition to the existing website pages, for one-off events, special offers, discounts and announcements.


Website And SEO

  • Logo and website design and branding
  • 10-20 page website with 500 words/page
  • Google My Business Set-Up
  • Google Console and Google Analytics Set Up
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Optimised Fast Web Hosting
  • Online Booking Integration
  • Contact Forms
  • SEO Optimisation across all pages at set up only
  • Online review set-up
  • Blog production (2x 500-word blogs a month)

Pay Per Click

  • Google Ads account set up
  • Facebook and Instagram pixel set-up
  • Google Ads management (subject to monthly budget)
  • Facebook Ads management (subject to monthly budget)
  • Pay-per-show

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