Cyber Security

At Samera, we provide cyber security services, focusing on endpoint protection and backups to ensure your organisation’s critical assets and confidential data are safeguarded against evolving cyber threats.

Our services encompass cutting-edge offensive and defensive technologies, providing a robust shield against cyberattacks. We offer tailored solutions that proactively protect and respond to cyber incidents, minimizing impact and securing your digital infrastructure. Join us in creating a resilient cyber defense posture to keep your business secure.

Our cyber security solutions: Backup Basic ensures peace of mind with automatic data backups, while Cyber Basic adds integrated endpoint protection to safeguard critical patient information; additionally, our add-on services provide flexibility and enhanced security with options like 50GB Additional Backup and MS365 Backup.

Our Cyber Security Services

Backup Basic:

Safeguard your valuable data effortlessly with our simple yet reliable solution that automatically backs up your vital information.

Cyber Basic:

Elevate your business’s defense against external threats with our advanced endpoint protection. Benefit from thorough computer scans to ensure comprehensive security measures.

MS365 Backup:

Seamlessly back up your Microsoft 365 OneDrive and Outlook accounts with our integrated solution, providing peace of mind and streamlined data management.

50GB Additional Backup:

Expand your storage capacity to accommodate your business’s expanding needs, ensuring ample space for your growing data requirements.

Pricing and Features

Backup Basic

120GB Backup

  • Automatic data backups.
  • Safeguard critical patient information and records.
  • Peace of mind with dependable data protection.

Cyber Basic

120GB Backup

  • Automatic data backups.
  • Safeguard critical patient information and records.
  • Peace of mind with dependable data protection.

Integrated Endpoint Protection

  • Defense against malware, viruses, and cyber threats.
  • Ensure the security of patient data.

Add-On Services

50GB Additional Backup

  • Extend your data protection capabilities.
  • Perfect for healthcare facilities with growing data needs.

MS365 Backup

  • Secure Microsoft 365 applications and patient-related communication.

Why is backing up your data important?

Backing up your computers is crucial, especially in the healthcare industry. Automatic data backups ensure that your vital patient information and critical records are protected against data loss due to hardware failures, cyberattacks, or natural disasters. With our reliable backup solutions, you can swiftly restore your data, maintaining continuity in patient care and compliance with data protection regulations.

Why do you need endpoint protection?

Endpoint protection is essential for safeguarding your network against external threats in the healthcare sector. With patient information being highly sensitive, endpoint protection ensures continuous monitoring and protection of all devices connected to your network, preventing unauthorized access and protecting patient data from compromise. Our comprehensive security measures are critical in maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of patient information, adhering to healthcare data protection standards.

Ready to take the first step towards fortifying your cyber defense? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Together, we’ll assess your organization’s unique needs and develop a customized plan of action to safeguard your digital assets and protect your business from cyber threats.