Accounts for Dental Groups


Do you run a dental group? Are you seeking to run a much more efficient, cost-effective accounting function?

We can help

Samera Dental Accountants have been working exclusively with dental associates, dental practices and dental groups in the UK for almost 20 years. We work with dental groups of all shapes and sizes to improve their accounting, tax and payroll requirements. We don’t just work with dental groups, we built and run our own dental group. We specialise and know what is involved in managing a dental group’s accounts because we do it ourselves too.

How do we work?

The Samera Dental Accountants team is based in the UK and India, and are well-trained and well-versed in the latest digital accounting platforms used by most Dental Groups. 

Our experienced and specialised team is spread globally to ensure we get the best quality team members at the most competitive rates.

We have been pioneering digital accounting software and technology for years. Our system is fully paperless and automated, using the latest software to ensure a safe, fast and easy process.

Always replies promptly and addresses all of my concerns … extremely thorough and I feel reassured knowing that [Samera are] in change of my accounts.

Five stars

What can we do?

We can help with:

  • Book-keeping
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Management accounts and reporting
  • Payroll and pension requirements
  • Statutory and tax filings – depending on your jurisdiction

We work with dental groups of all shapes and sizes.

Why Choose Samera for your Dental Group Accounts?

Finding suitably qualified accountants with the required dental knowledge and skillset can be difficult and challenging, but our global team specialises in helping dentists, dental practices and dental groups with all their accounting requirements.

Our pricing is competitive and we are confident we can deliver to an exacting high standard, whilst helping you save money, and increase your all-important EBITDA.

Dental Accounts & Tax Specialists

As dental practice owners ourselves, we know what makes a clinic tick. We have been working with dentists for over 20 years to help manage their accounts and tax.

Whether you’re a dental associate, run your own practice or own a dental group and are looking to save time, money and effort on your accounts and tax then we want to hear from you. Our digital platform takes the hassle and the paperwork out of accounts.

To find out more about how you can save time, money and effort on your accounts and tax when you automate your finances with Samera, book a free consultation with one of our accounting team today.

Dental Accounts & Tax: Further Information

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