Our Experience Makes Your Experience Better

Most of us have an area of expertise. That expertise has been gained from years of experience working in various industries and professional environments.

When you are talking through a proposal do you ever ask the person you are talking to what their experience of the situation is? I am sure that they ask you for details of your experience!

Check Them Out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be used to see how long someone has worked in an industry – what their experience is in that role and other roles.

We are constantly hearing from clients that they have been told they can achieve a loan of this term or an interest rate of that, contrary to what we are telling them.

When that happens, check out the person’s knowledge.

Make sure they are not selling you an image of what can be achieved. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Quite often that image turns out to be false, but by then it’s too late.

You have signed up and are committed to working with them and in the end you only achieve what can be realistically achieved.

We have 200 Years’ Experience

The finance team at Samera Finance have 200 years of banking experience between the five of us, and of that some 65-70 years of experience in healthcare.

If you want to build a healthcare business, buy a dental practice, invest in a GP practice or buy a Pharmacy then we can assist.

Independent of any one lender, we will approach several lenders to obtain finance over a reasonable term and at a rate that will enable you to make your business a success.

Use our experience to make your experience better.

Business Loans for Dentists

We’ve been helping to fund the future of the UK’s dentists for 20 years and our team are made up of former bankers with decades of experience and contacts in the UK’s healthcare lending sector.

You can find out more about working with Samera Finance and the financial services we offer by booking a free consultation with one of the Samera team at a time that suits you (including evenings) or by reading more about our financial services at the links below.

Dental Practice Finance: Further Information

For more information on raising finance for your dental practice, including more articles, videos and webinars check out our Learning Centre here, full of articles an webinars like our How to Guide on Financing a Dental Practice.

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