NHS Orthodontics tenders 2020 – is it too late?

NHS orthodontics tenders

NHS Orthodontics tenders are still viable, with commissioning in the North of England and Midlands and the East of England are still open.
South of England and recently London results prove it’s a mixed bag out there, from existing practices retaining contracts to large well known corporates losing massive well established contracts, new groups winning bids with new builds to small orthodontic practices winning bigger contracts outside their area.

It really is a game of Russian Roulette, everyone is playing and up for the opportunity.

Samera’s top tips for successful NHS Orthodontics tenders:

Build and enrol your team

Practice Team, Accountants, Property surveyors, collaborate with competitors, create partners, Tender writers and/or form new limited companies.

Prepare, prepare and prepare

Vital signs, BDA good practice accreditation, accounts, policies, service delivery, pricing, DDA, local needs, staffing, history of your practice, innovation, patient experience and basically your unique selling point and what you will bring to the contract.


The Service Specification, ITT, Lot data sheet, clarification questions, the guide for Commissioning Dental Specialties – Orthodontics, contractual documentation for TUPE and Personal Dental Services agreement.

Understand and answer the questions

It’s like an exam question with different weightings, so make sure you consider that. Answer all questions, use benefit – led responses eg. We can offer this, this is how we will do it and this is the benefit to you. Use grammarly to punctuate your answers. Don’t use jargon, don’t presume they know you and don’t refer to another answer in another question as each section is assessed by different people. Be concise, clear and answer the question!

Time Management

Turnaround is very tight once Competition Stage begins, usually 6 weeks, however starts are being delayed so be careful about booking vacations.
Don’ leave submissions until last minute, usually midday on day of deadline not midnight, consider you may be seeing patients.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.
Unfold your own myth.” Rumi

Get advice: we are here to support you, seize the opportunity: we are here to help you.

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