Free Templates for Financial Documents

Free Templates for Financial Documents

Applying for finance from a lender can be a complicated process. There can be so many hoops to jump through, i’s to dot and t’s to cross that it can be a daunting task.

We have tried to make raising finance as easy as possible for you.

Below you will find a list of all of our free, downloadable financial document templates.

From cash flow forecasts to business plans, we have drawn together a selection of free, downloadable financial document templates to help you when creating the most important documents for your business.

If you are applying for finance from a lender, using these financial document templates can help make sure your business’s documents contain all the vital information, are formatted correctly and give you the best chance of being successful in your application.

Download Our Free Financial Document Templates:

Cash Flow Forecast Template

How to use the Cash Flow Forecast

This Cash Flow Forecast can be utilised by any business to help plan and manage their monthly expenditure and income, better enabling you to maintain a budget and keep control of your working capital.

The template is currently filled in with example information to illustrate what a finished forecast may look like. Please feel free to delete these numbers and replace them with your business’s own figures.

To calculate your business’s incoming cash, please fill in the ‘CASH INFLOWS’ section with your gross turnover (including VAT), your standing debtors and the value of any furlough receipts you may have received from HMRC. Cells labelled ‘other’ have been left blank for you to include any other revenue streams.

To calculate your business’s outgoing cash, please fill in the ‘CASH OUTFLOWS’ section with your standing creditors and the various expenses currently listed. Again, cells labelled ‘other’ have been included for you to add any additional expenses you may have.

The forecast spreadsheet will then show you the net movement of your business’s in-comings and outgoings. By also entering in your starting bank balance, the forecast then shows your business’s cash balance at the end of each month for the next year.

Debt Structure Template

Use this free debt structure template to help manage and document your business’s standing debts.

Many commercial finance lenders will require information on your business’s standing debts to assess your application for financial support in the form of a debt structure document.

This template allows you to list and document:

  • Lender
  • Facility type
  • Secured against
  • Initial amount borrowed
  • Amount outstanding
  • Term remaining
  • Monthly outgoing
  • Interest rate (and other fees)

Business Plan Template

Please download and use this free sample business plan template. Business plans are essential to the good running of a business. They allow business owners to set out their goals and document how they intend to achieve them.

Creating an accurate and detailed business plan is also an important step in raising commercial finance for your business. The vast majority of commercial loan companies will require a detailed business plan as part of your application process.

This business plan example template has been created with a dental practice in mind and is intended to show what a finished article may look like.

This template lays out the Executive Summary and the Narrative sections. Financial and appendices are not included here.

Business Continuity Plan

Please download and use this business continuity plan template to help your business plan and document how it will deal with an unforeseen crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

This template has been filled in with a dental practice in mind to show what a finished article may look like. Please feel free to download and replace the information with your business’s own details.

This plan lays out what issues will arise in a crisis, what contingency plans need to be implemented, how they will be implemented and who is responsible for it.

Useful financial document templates during COVID-19

Letter to Landlord Template

If your business is struggling to make rent payments, you may be able to negotiate a payment holiday with your landlord.

Of course, this will vary from landlord to landlord but many have been willing to defer rent payments to allow businesses the chance to room to breath.

If you could benefit from a rent payment holiday then please download this template letter requesting a postponed rent payment.

Asset Finance and Loans Provider List

Please download this list of asset finance and business loan providers to find out what kind of assistance they are currently providing to struggling businesses as a result of COVID-19.

This list also documents the best contact details for each financial lender, as well as details on the financial documents they will need to be provided with an application or request.

Commercial Loans for Healthcare Businesses

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