Cosmetic Surgeon Commercial Finance

If you need to raise a business loan for your cosmetic surgery business, our in-house commercial finance brokers can help source the best deal and terms to suit your needs. Our team is all former bankers who specialize in the UK’s healthcare lending sector. 

Whether you need to raise commercial finance to start, buy, run or grow your cosmetic surgery, we are perfectly placed to help you. 

What does a cosmetic surgeon practice need to finance? 

When you decide to start or buy your own cosmetic surgery, it is almost certain that you’ll need to obtain a business loan at some point. You may be able to fund the initial commercial mortgage for your new business premises with your own savings, or perhaps with the help of friends and family. 

However, you’ll also need to fund the equipment, the staff, and any debts, the list is almost endless.

This list is just some of the things you may need to raise finances to afford as a cosmetic surgeon:

  • Acquisition finance for buying cosmetic surgery
  • Starting a cosmetic surgery
  • Commercial mortgage 
  • Asset finance for equipment and consumables 
  • Staff wages and consultancy fees 
  • Insurance, legal and HR
  • Accounts and tax
  • IT and cyber security 

Luckily, there are funding options for cosmetic surgeons out there and we know how to find them. Whether you’re looking to raise your first loan, change the terms of your commercial finance or refinance a business loan, our specialist finance brokers can help. 

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Funding options for cosmetic surgeons 

Acquisition finance for cosmetic surgeons

When you buy an existing cosmetic surgery clinic, you’ll most likely need to raise a commercial business loan to afford it. This is known as acquisition finance. 

How much a cosmetic or plastic surgery business will cost depends on a number of factors. Simply put, the better the business is doing, the more it will cost. 

Some cosmetic surgeries will also come with a freehold or leasehold, which will naturally increase the cost of the business. 

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Start-up finance for cosmetic surgeons 

If you cannot find an existing plastic or cosmetic surgery that you want to buy, or if you want to start your own dream surgery from scratch, you’ll most likely need some form of commercial finance to start it. 

You will need to purchase everything you need to run the business, from the premises, the equipment and hiring staff. 

There are a whole range of funding options available to start-ups. Most high street banks will lend commercial business loans, as will many alternative lenders. 

You will also most likely need to raise asset finance to be able to afford all of the equipment and consumables you’ll need to run a cosmetic surgery.

Most businesses do not turn a profit for the first 2 or 3 years so you may also need to raise working capital through a commercial loan to be able to afford staffing costs and pay off debts – among many other things! 

Commercial mortgages for plastic surgeons

Just like buying a residential house, only the lucky few will be able to afford paying for their business premises with their own money. 

For everyone else, you’ll need to borrow a commercial mortgage if you want to purchase the premises for your cosmetic or plastic surgery, and not just rent the property. 

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How much you can borrow will depend on a wide range of factors; again, just like buying a residential house. 

We were finalists in the 2021 NACFB Commercial Mortgage Brokers of the Year Awards. Our in-house finance brokers are experts in finding the right commercial mortgage for your healthcare business. 

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Asset Finance for cosmetic surgeons

Whether you are setting up a new cosmetic surgery, buying an existing one that needs new equipment or growing your current surgery, asset finance may be the best option for you. 

To start, run and grow a great cosmetic surgery, you’ll need a whole host of different consumables, products and equipment. From medical products and equipment like botox, anaesthetic, x-rays, PPE and surgical implements to more generic business items like IT equipment, CCTV and uniforms, the costs are going to stack up. 

Paying for new equipment in one lump sum can have a real impact on your cash flow and working capital. Instead, you can spread the cost over a number of months by borrowing asset finance. 

You can also look into refinancing your asset purchases by renegotiating your loan terms on your existing assets. 

Leasing vs hire purchase

Asset finance is usually split into two forms, leasing and hire-purchase. Leasing asset finance, as the name suggests, is when you lease the asset, paying on a monthly basis. The payments are usually fixed, allowing you to know exactly how much you’re paying in a month and factor that into your cash flow. 

You will not own the asset and it will not appear on your balance sheet. Leasing an asset can be a great option for equipment that you will not be using for long or has a short lifespan. 

Hire-purchase finance differs from leasing in that at the end of the repayment schedule, you will own the asset. Again as the name suggests, you first hire the asset before finally purchasing it. You will need to put down a deposit for the asset.

Hire-purchase is a better finance option for assets which you expect to use often and have a long lifespan.

Working capital loans for plastic surgeons.

Working capital is the money your business uses in its day-to-day operations. In the early months and possibly years of your practice, you will most likely need some form of working capital loan to cover the costs of running your business. 

You may also need to raise working capital finance if your cash flow takes a big hit, possibly through an unexpected expense or emergency.

Working capital loans are not used to fund large purchases or expand a business, they are simply used to cover short-term costs that cannot be met with existing working capital. The loans are expected to be paid in the short or medium term. 

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Growing a cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Whether you want to expand your current surgery by adding new rooms, buying new equipment or purchasing another business to create a group, you will most likely need some form of growth finance. 

Growth finance is usually paid back over the medium to long term and how much you can borrow will often depend on your profit history. 

How Samera can help raise finance for your cosmetic surgery business

Our in-house commercial finance brokers are experts at sourcing the right finance solutions for the UK’s healthcare businesses. Our brokers are all former bankers, with decades of experience and a huge network in the UK’s healthcare lending sector. 

Not only do we know who to approach, we know exactly what they’re looking for. This means we know how to get your application right and give yourself the best chance of having your loan application approved. 

Action Plan

  • Explore Acquisition Finance: Consider commercial loans for acquiring an existing cosmetic surgery clinic, focusing on businesses that align with your vision and have a solid performance record.
  • Seek Start-up Finance: Look into commercial loans and asset financing options for new cosmetic surgeons wanting to start from scratch, ensuring you have the necessary funds for premises, equipment, and staffing.
  • Consider Commercial Mortgages: If planning to purchase property for your practice, explore commercial mortgage options to find the right financial solution for your business premises.
  • Utilize Asset Finance: For acquiring necessary medical and business equipment, asset finance can help spread costs and manage cash flow effectively, with options for both leasing and hire-purchase.
  • Secure Working Capital Loans: To support day-to-day operations and cover short-term expenses, consider working capital loans, especially during the initial years of establishing your practice.
  • Plan for Growth Finance: For expansion plans, such as adding new services or acquiring other practices, investigate growth finance options based on your profit history and long-term goals.
  • Leverage Expertise: Partner with experienced commercial finance brokers, like Samera, who specialize in healthcare business financing to enhance your loan application success and identify the best financing solutions.

Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help start, buy or grow your cosmetic surgery business.

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