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The most excitement I seem to get these days is going to Tesco’s New Malden. Currently, I am living where I grew up, and going to Tesco reminds me of my school days, as my old school, Raynes Park High School, is right next to Tesco’s.

During those school days, most lunchtimes, we would head there looking for a deal or two on cheap cakes or pastries. Nowadays, I am excited just with the prospect of walking around the aisles.

So, in the vein of getting a good deal, I thought I would list in this blog a whole host of free stuff you can access from us.

I am privileged to have a fab team that enables us to provide a lot of this free content, so do access it and read/watch – it’s there for you to use and benefit from.

It’s 20 years of experience and advice distilled into digestable bits.

Free Stuff

Most of the stuff is on either of our two main websites – Our UK centric site – Our webinar membership and events site.

The Dental Business Guide Podcast – Our brand-new free podcast, hosted by the Samera team and designed to teach dentists for to build a better business.

The Samera Learning Centre – a whole host of articles and videos for dentists on finance, business and marketing at whatever stage of career you maybe at. We have visitors from across the globe using this content.

Free Virtual Calls – As we are all locked down, we have found having virtual calls a real saviour. Whatever your issue you can book a free call with us to discuss your business needs! We do offer evening calls too!

Social Media Channels

We are active across all channels but the ones I would stress you look at and join/subscribe/follow are the three below – we do get a lot of valuable positive feedback on this content:

Dental Business Growth Facebook Group – This has almost 800 members from around the world and we are growing this and sharing ideas and thoughts here regularly. Please do join, we are happy to share and engage on here! Ask your questions, we will help!

Samera Youtube Channel – All our video recordings, with yours truly head lining it.

Samera Instagram Channel – Luckily this is managed by my team, so again some good stuff is shared here!

Overall, there is a lot of experience across all these channels, we hope you find these free resources useful, and whilst it may not be as sexy as a Netflix series, it will certainly help you financially and with your career!