4 Tools to create a scalable business in 2022

Building a business is difficult and there are a plethora of tools that claim to make your life easier. Some do, others make it more complicated.

But when you want to scale your business, things get even harder, and invariably issues arise. I have highlighted, not in any particular order, 4 business tools that made a significantly positive difference to our businesses in 2021. I feel these tools are just as, or even more, important in 2022. Some are free, and others are paid, but check them out.

Website page speed

Ignore this at your peril! Whilst your website is the shop window to your business, it’s so essential that it provides the user experience that a website visitor will desire.

Therefore, the speed of website loading has to be at the top of your list to attract patients and customers. If it’s slow the bounce rate will rise and your potential new patient may go somewhere else.

So how do you know the speed of a website? Google have a free tool which will basically tell you the speed of a page – and then breaks it down what your web development team will need to do.

Click here to check the speed or your website.

If your score is highlighted red, tell your development team, and if they can’t change it, you need a new team!

Content is king for SEO

We all know content is king already, but none more so than in the written form. For the last 2 years we have had a content writer full time in our team, writing about all aspects of the various services we provide.

Google likes this, and coupled with a fast page speed (see above) your well-written, relevant content will greatly help your SEO and get you the customers you desire.

As for tools to use, https://ahrefs.com/ will help you figure what keywords you should be trying to rank for and then what your position is. 

Again, we have been using this tool a couple of years and is a no brainer tool if you want to dominate your SEO in your markets. 

Automating payroll with Brightpay

Payroll has been one of those services we have provided to clients and to be honest struggled getting it slick and fast for many years. The software has been cumbersome until we started using and rolling out Brightpay.

It’s fast, very easy to use for both employees and employers and has a clear audit trail. If you are thinking about changing how you do your payroll, whether you do it in-house, or outsource it to the Samera payroll bureau team, you won’t be going wrong with Brightpay.

Xero and Hubdoc for book-keeping

Ok, as a firm of accountants, we may be biassed, but the Xero and Hubdoc combination makes life easier for any business, if it is integrated well into a business. It saves time, helps you become paperless and can provide you the management information you require. We have been using this for a lot longer than one year, but it’s still a cracking piece of software.

As with any tool, especially with book-keeping, it’s only as good as the users who are using it. It can go wrong if not organised, but if set up from day one, it can really be a game changer in your business.

Get in touch if you are seeking to implement Xero into your business.

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